News about Vapora


#news159 - Jun.2020

Funding application

Funding application for Eggebek site in SH
Building application for full processing plant for 120,000 m³ of slurry and digestate from the Schleswig-Flensburg region.


#news158 - Apr.2020

21 locations

There are now 21 sites throughout Germany in the approval planning process, each with a minimum annual capacity of 120,000m³ of full manure and digestate processing.


#news157 - Feb.2020

Insurance coverage

Development of comprehensive insurance coverage for the construction and operation of the Vapora full-scale treatment plant at all future plant sites


#news156 - Dec.2019


Exclusive discharge permit on the part of the district of Emsland for our customerfrom the district of Emsland for the "naturalized" water separated in our refinement process in accordance with federal law and thus largely transferable to other regions (with local adaptations)


#news155 - Dec.2019

Participation at the booth of the Competence Network Environmental Economics KNUW

Participation at the booth of the Competence Network Environmental Economics KNUW for the segment Agriculture on the umbrella topic: "Protection of livelihoods - material and energy recycling with visit of State Secretary Dr. Bottermann. Vapora represents the area of recycling of agricultural residues.

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#news154 - 01.11.2019

Lecture at the invitation of the German Bioenergy Association

Mr. Geißen, on the topic of bio-LNG mobility to the end.
The presentation can be downloaded here:

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#news153 - 21.08.2019


Legally binding funding allocation notice of €2.9 million (funding quota 50%) from ERDF and NRW funds for the first reference plant in NRW in the Kleve district using the VAPORA optisept complete process


#news152 - 01.05.2019

German-Danish Chamber of Commerce

Lecture on invitation of the German-Danish Chamber of Commerce in Aarhus/DK
Here you can download the PDF file:

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